I Waited

For long, in drought,

Of you I thought

Up in the clouds,

Your gaze I sought

For you throughout,

I waited, I waited...

Yet oblivious you stepped,

Abreast and apart.

And at your brink,

I stood deterred and fazed.

And again in hope thought forgotten,

I waited, I waited...

I Assumed

I assumed there would be one,

To my assumption you have come.

I assumed you'd be there,

But now I’m to find you nowhere.

I assumed that you'd b return,

Well I’m left to assume what i yearn.

The Mask

I wear a mask, a happy little mask

A mask I show the world.

I seldom leave and seldom peep

In fear of being found.

Little do they know, this masked face,

That shows their will, is seldom beneath alike.

For long this mask has grown so much,

I fear it doesn't leave its clutch.

I wish not keep, I wish not lose

But it is far too late to choose,

For I wear the mask, the happy little mask,

The mask I show the world.

Plague of Foreboding Thoughts

Once again I find myself, back at that gloomy gateway.

The passage leading to mere oblivion.

The gate past which, the shackles holding one down seem to simply dissolve.

Where all known seems obsolete, and obsolescence seems the only truth.

The region held within, stands where none dared step foot, where those dared are known forgotten.

Despite the risks, a strange force, one with profane power,

Seems to draw all thought to it, twining and corrupting the sanity it holds.

Slowly devouring the mind’s ability to process,

Pacifying to stillness, where resistance seems near defeated.

In the lurch the dawning darkness is seen, and an unavailing effort I use,

Tirelessly to estrange from the grim force.

But I fear my act of flee is far too late to be,

For the darkness though lost its grip,

Seemed triumphant in leaving its mark.

A scar who’s thought, takes me back to that helpless state,

A place where all began.

The place I dare not see, for it is the place I fear not flee.

When You Came by

I sought to pen you down
But I knew not where to begin from.
For all began when I had but just a frown,
Beaten by my own scorn.
Lost I seemed, broken in thought,
Aimless and scarred, until the light you brought.
Waltzing in, as a wonderwall,
Dispersing and obscuring the pall.
Reminded me you did,
Of my very own veil behind which I hid.
Ways I had seemed to forget,
Such joy you'd shown adept.
The Joy you taught to reap,
The Crop I began to heap.
A way with me you always had,
For talking to a mirror couldn't be any bad.
In your presence emerged my bliss.
The one's absence I'd have miss.
Hard it is not,
Amiss this bond to be thought.
For a while my mind Did fight,
Until I knew you right.
The thought did come undone,
For family you had become.
Long a way have we trot,
A sibling in you I have got.
Let not the troubles touch you I shall,
In bliss to keep you I'd let me fall.
For our thoughts did cry,
When you came by.   


The dreams, I dream of bliss
The dreams I fear I'd miss.
Let their tales unfold,
Speak that of what's untold. 

The dream has now begun,
And all I'd like is done. 
But soon this tends to fade,
And with truth sets in tirade.

The Pain of what I lack,
seems now to be brought back.
Soon this joy of bliss,
Will all be what I'd miss.